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IDAC Centres

IDAC @ Bedok North

Bedok North Avenue 4, Block 3012
Bedok Industrial Park E, #01-2072
Singapore 489978
Tel: 6555 6333

IDAC @ Bukit Batok

VICOM Inspection Centre
511 Bukit Batok Street 23
Singapore 659545
Tel : 6458 4555

IDAC @ Bukit Merah (NAC LKK)

1007 Bukit Merah Lane 3, #01-11
Singapore 159721
Opening Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm(Mon - Fri)
Tel: 6898 0055

IDAC @ Jalan Boon Lay

STA Inspection Centre
249 Jalan Boon Lay
Singapore 619523
Tel: 6261 6178

IDAC @ Kaki Bukit

VICOM Inspection Centre
23 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4
Singapore 415933
Tel : 6458 4555

IDAC @ Portsdown

5 Portsdown Road
Singapore 139296
Tel: 6555 6111

IDAC @ Paya Ubi (NAC LKK)

(National Assessment Centre Services)
51 Ubi Avenue, #01-25
Singapore 408933
Opening Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm(Mon - Sat)
Tel: 6841 0055

IDAC @ Sin Ming

STA Inspection Centre
302 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575627
Tel: 6452 1398

IDAC @ Taman Jurong

(National Assessment Centre Services)
8 Yung Ho Road
Singapore 618590
Tel: 6898 0055

IDAC @ Vicom

VICOM Inspection Centre
385 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575718
Tel : 6458 4555

IDAC @ Yishun

501 Yishun Industrial Park A
Singapore 768732
Tel: 6759 3347

Things IDAC (Independent Damage Assessment Centre) can do for you

In the event of an accident, the Independent Damage Assessment Centre (IDAC) examines and documents the damages to motor vehicles.

It generates professional accident damage reports that the insured, insurer, and repairer may trust. This information will ensure that all motorists' motor insurance premiums accurately reflect the true expenses of fixing accident-related damages.

IDACs use qualified, independent assessors or an accident reporting centre who are skilled at locating and documenting any applicable vehicle damage.

If towing is required, the employees at IDACs will make the necessary arrangements. Towing services are provided free of charge by IDACs. IDACs' personnel will assist motorists in completing the relevant papers in order to expedite the insurance claim procedure.


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1 What is an IDAC report?

Typically, IDAC is the accident reporting centre. IDAC stands for Independent Damage Assessment Centres. The IDAC report offers professional insights on the accident damage that can be insured. Insurers and repairers rely on the report to decide the claims collectively.


2 Do IDAC charge motorists for the inspection service?

No, IDAC (accident reporting centre) do not charge motorists for car accident report Singapore or for the inspection service.


3 Does IDAC repair vehicles or recommend repairers?

No the accident reporting centre does not recommend repairers or repair vehicles.


4 What are the services offered by IDAC?

The accident reporting centre offers the following services:

  • Towing service, if necessary
  • Being a contact point for motorists involved in accidents
  • Supporting motorists in filling out an online claim form
  • Drafting trustworthy and independent car accident report Singapore on accident damage.
5 When do I need to bring the vehicle to IDAC?

You must bring your vehicle to IDAC or the car accident report Singapore within 24 hours.