Image Credit: Stefan Rodriguez| Unsplash

White, black, grey, silver… What do these four colours have in common? They’re four of the most popular car colours around, and are inevitably four of the most bleh colours you could possibly choose for your ride. If you’re getting a new car in Singapore, and want to show off some individuality and deft taste, why not get some inspiration from these 10 unique car colours that we absolutely adore?

1. Vintage mint green

Image Credit: Taniahergenhahn | Instagram

Spotted in Belsize Park in London, this sweet Mercedes-Benz 450SL earns bonus points for being a vintage sweetheart and for its sublime mint paint job. Flashy yet understated, you’d spot this mint darling from a mile away, and still feel like an introverted retro royalty behind the wheel. Top marks all around!

2. Electric blue with yellow detailing

Image credit: allin1cars | Instagram

Electric anything can easily turn into a hot mess on wheels if not done right. However, there are a few things that are going absolutely well for this Chevrolet Corvette: The superb body kit, its perfect tone of shocking cobalt blue, and the fine yellow detailing that you might first miss out on. Talk about a paint job that just keeps giving. 

3. Neon green

Image Credit: Nadrodzeswietokrzyskie1 | Instagram

This Audi RS3 looks unbelievably amazing. Can you imagine seeing this neon stunner cruising towards you on a stark winter’s day? We would quickly check for our vital signs because we’d surely wonder if we’d frozen to death and gone to heaven.

4. Reflective silver

Image Credit: allin1cars | Instagram

Can this Lamborghini Aventador get any better? The Aventador is named after the Spanish fighting bull, and aptly so, because it is ragingly remarkable. Covered in resplendent reflective silver, this four-wheeled stunner is a moving vortex of sheer optical pleasure.

5. Old gold

Image Credit: mercedes_benz_w108_280_se | Instagram

Spotted in Grunwald, Germany, this vintage Mercedes Benz W108 is the true definition of old but gold. While a shimmering gold would have turned this into gaudy central, this coat of glossy gold fittingly brings this car’s beauty, and pays nostalgic tribute to an era past. PS. Check out those cat ear cushions. Lovely.

6. Pure ebony

Image Credit: allin1cars | Instagram

This pure black Bugatti gives us the shivers – in a good way. We know we wouldn’t be able to take our eyes off it if we saw this on the streets. If you ask us, it’s the matte finish that takes this paint job to the next level and simultaneously lends this beauty a Sci-Fi charm. Hey, Batman’s called. He wants his car back.

Image Credit: drivermodind | Instagram 

The gentle curves of this Nissan 350Z go perfectly with its deep Mauve colour – Talk about soft class. With the few purple cars we’ve seen tending to remind us of Barney the Dinosaur instead of selling us understated charm, this enthralling shade makes us think of good wine, candlelit dinners, and a lush life. 10 out of 10.

8. Retro red

Image Credit: Lavine.restorations | Instagram

This restored ‘79 Berlinetta has made our day infinitely better. There’s just something about a freshly painted vintage car that revs our engines, and this is sheer inspiration. We’re thankful that it’s not painted in a bolder, sharp red as well, which wouldn’t have brought out its charm nearly as much.

@Lavine.restorations reminds us here that while colour is important, tone is what separates the on-the-nose paint job from the sublime stunners. Also, check out that impeccable interior job! This paint job is perfect both inside and out, and we can’t be any more impressed.



9. Matte space grey

Image Credit: mgnogry_c43 | Instagram

Here’s one for all you Mercedes-Benz AMG lovers out there. This outstanding matte-silver winner is the stuff that Sci-Fi dreams are made of, yet is understated enough that you could park this at work without raising too many eyebrows or questions. We only wish we could watch the sun set on this bombshell of a car.

10. Army green

Image Credit: allin1cars | Instagram

Here’s another absolute looker for you. Now, there’s a fine line between looking like a bog-standard NS jeep and looking like a total boss of a car. We love how the black detailing subtly elevates the matte green, and turns this big ‘un into an absolute killer. At ease!

In case you haven’t noticed, we absolutely adore these 10 unique car colours. Which ones did you like, which ones did you hate (Hey, we said ‘unique’, not ‘crowd-pleasing), and which ones have you seen yourself that need to be on this post? Do us a favour will you, and drop us a link so that we can feast our eyes.

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