Protect those you love

We protect your family and you from the mistakes of others.Your interests always come first.

Third Party Insurance Claims Singapore

Effortless claims processing, done right by you by an experiencedteam based in Singapore.

Claim Against Malaysian Vehicle

From the North-South Highway to the smaller roads offthe beaten track, our team looks after your interests anywherein Singapore and Malaysia

The Perfect Coverage

Ask us about what works for you and how it can fit in your budget today!

Towing Service For Cars and Bikes

Over 20 years of experience and curation means that wework only with service providers who have delivered qualityconsistently.

Trusted Car Workshop and Servicing in Singapore

Over 20 years of experience and curation means that wework only with service providers who have delivered qualityconsistently.

What we offer

Singapore and Malaysia road accident assistance

We are here to assist and guide you in all road accident claims.

Accident assessment

Our experienced consultants will advise you on the liability of your case.

Free evaluation

Consult with us at no cost.

24-hour hotline

For peace of mind, we are here for you any time ofthe day.

What does BRZE offer?

Cross-border presence

Our network is available both in Singapore and Malaysia.

Years of experience

20 years of processing road accident claims.

Reliable and Fair

We act with integrity for a fair and transparent claims process.

Featured Used Cars

Our happy clients

Obtaining insurance renewal was really quick and easy. Customer service is responsive and friendly.

Xavier Tan

Happy to purchase the most affordable vehicle from BRZE in sgCarMart. The stickerman told me the car had done a proper car polish when I doing the car decal.


The bike was professionally done and everything was updated promptly. An amazing job!

Muadzam Shah

You can effortlessly renew your insurance via them. Requesting a quote is simple and quick. Through them, I was able to obtain quotes from a few different insurers in the shortest amount of time. All inquiries will be answered by an insurance advisor.

Keith Cyril

Excellent service and was very organized throughout the process. The total time I spent on it was probably less than half an hour. Thank you!

Justin Ong

thanks Zack for efficient service provided, all the best.

Julian Siew

Working with the BRZE team to renew my motor vehicle insurance was a snap! Prompt and timely updates kept me informed about the discrepancies between the quotations offered and the status of the application until it was approved. Thank you again for your hard work!

Alexanda Ong

Came to a decision to sell my car and Brze sold it in days, extremely happy with their service, hassle-free and professional! Great job on the Marketplace platform, definitely recommend the platform to anyone looking to buy a car. Thanks Brze 🙂

Lisa Vidya

I thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to end. The people involved were patient in explaining the intricacies and my concerns. In the end, I chose to deal with Brze because of the confidence I have and the professionalism they displayed. Also, they were transparent with every process throughout the journey. Highly recommended Brze!

John Teo

Firstly I would like to say that Brze has given me a very good impression when they sent me the link to view the car. We were very happy with the excellent service and importantly, they made us very comfortable so we have decided to purchase the car from Brze. We thank you Brze for your patience with us as well. I will surely recommend my friends or relatives if they plan to buy a car.

Francis Peter

Brze sold my car in 1 week which shocked me as I have been trying to sell my car for weeks now. Great work by the team, handled all paperwork professionally without any hassle. Strongly recommend Brze to anyone out there who wants to sell your car. Good job brze with the 1% Commission Campaign!!

Anthony Jeremiah

Have been trying to sell my car for 3 months but then I found Brze and they offered me their campaign, which I was truly interested in. Brze sold my car in a week and provided me with a smooth sale of my vehicle. Very professional and takes customer’s requests first.


Sold my Volkswagen Jetta to Brze through their 1% Commission Campaign. Handling all the paperwork and ensuring I had the best selling experience! Definitely recommend Brze to anyone looking to sell their car. Great idea with the 1% commission campaign run by Brze! Thank you.


I traded in my car to Mr. Raj today. The deal was good and straightforward, as he gave me a high price for my trade-in car, as he feels that I might have faced some difficulty. You will not go wrong dealing with them. Thumbs up. Also, thanks to ash to help out with my paperwork.

William C C

With Brze, I experienced no difficulties at all when claiming against a Malaysian vehicle. The whole process was so easy and satisfying. I would definitely recommend Brze!

Škoda Owner

Their service was excellent. Raj and his team were highly professional and very attentive to my concerns. I will definitely be recommending Brze to my friends. Thank you Brze!

Ferrari owner

I had left my car in the parking lot and was shocked when I came back and saw a dent. I was about to claim against my own insurance. Luckily, a friend referred me to Brze. They helped me claim against the third party and now my own insurance is protected. They also repaired my car so well that it looks brand-new again. Totally hassle-free. I’m so relieved now.

Owner of Toyota Alphard

The team was so supportive throughout our claims process. They listened to all our concerns carefully and were punctual with their work. We really recommend Brze’s services.

Mr. & Mrs. Karthi
Mr. & Mrs. Karthi
Owners of BMW

I was very shocked and worried after my accident. I’ve heard stories of workshops and middlemen inflating repair costs to make extra money and I didn’t want to get stuck in a situation like that. Thank God I found Brze. They handled my claims and repairs so professionally, gave such good advice, and also paid attention to my concerns. I’m very satisfied with the condition of my car.

Rajesh Testimonial
Owner of Volkswagen Tiguan

Brze has helped me regain my confidence to ride on the road after my accident. My bike also came back to me in perfect condition and I was very pleased with the result. The claims process was effortless because they were very efficient. I’m so glad I chose Brze to help me with my accident claims.

Nur Hafirshah Testimonial
Nur Hafirshah
Owner of Yamaha Motorcycle

I’m really satisfied with BRZE’s accident claims service. My truck looks perfectly fixed. The process was also very smooth and professional. I highly recommend Brze to anyone looking for a transparent and hassle-free accident claims service.

Fleet Driver

Thank you Brze for your support and efficiency in my accident claims, and for answering all my questions regarding the procedures and repairs.

Andrew Testimonial
Owner of Fiat Doblo

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