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Funnily enough, these warning signs for when your car needs servicing immediately remind us of a spooky haunting. C’mon: Flashing lights, strange noises, and abnormal shaking?

But, Sending your car for maintenance is no fun – You’ll be impaired transport-wise, and more importantly, end up racking an eyesore of a bill that you would ignore if you could. We understand, if little quirks were going on with your car, this is how you’d be predisposed to learning to live with it.  To rescue you from such a situation and save you from shelling out thousands of dollars for repairs.

Here are a few signs your car shows that it needs servicing immediately.

1. You have problems steering

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If you’ve got a stiff steering wheel, you likely are running low on power steering fluid, and this often happens when there is a leak in the pressurised hose area in your car’s system. This could be due to a cracked or loose hose and needs to be looked at ASAP.

If you find that it’s unreasonably difficult to steer, or that your car is favouring one side when in neutral, do not turn a blind eye.

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2. Warning Lights

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Your car’s dashboard can tell you lots of things if you only pay attention:

If your brake fluid indicator light flashes when you step on the brakes or lights up more often than it should, there is a problem with your brake system. If you didn’t already know, brakes are one of the most important aspects of your car, and you definitely don’t want to be on the road when your car’s malfunctioning like this.

If your engine indicator light flashes, one of your car’s systems is dysfunctional, and as the problem could stem from various reasons, you’ll have no choice but to get your car diagnosed and serviced with the help of a professional as soon as possible.

If your airbag indicator light flashes dysfunctionally, there is an issue with your airbags. Minor accidents might trigger your car’s crash sensors without activating your airbags. Corroded sensors, damaged airbag clock springs, or wet airbag modules could also be behind the malfunction. Bring your car to a workshop immediately to reset your airbag if the problem persists.

If your ABS indicator light flashes dysfunctionally, there might be an issue with your car’s anti-lock braking system, which means that your ABS might not engage if you make an emergency stop. This could be due to a faulty emergency brake, a damaged speed sensor, or a loss in brake hydraulic pressure – You’ll need to have a car mechanic look at it to find out.

If your tyre pressure indicator light flashes, one of them could be too low on pressure, and this is often caused by reasons such as an air leak (check for any punctures ASAP), or an improper installation of the tyre pressure gauge. If your indicator light still flashes after you’ve fixed your tyres up at the nearest petrol station, we’re sorry, but it’s off to the workshop you go.

If your traction indicator light flashes dysfunctionally whilst you’re on a clear road with good conditions, you could be having issues with your wheel speed sensors or steering angle sensors. If the flashing persists even when you drive slowly, get it checked out.

3. Strange Noises

If your car makes uneven engine noises, squeals when you step on the brakes, whines from beneath the bonnet (no, it’s not a bee), unleashes a dragging sound from its wheels, or creates an unusually loud exhaust sound, it is one unhappy car and needs to go see a car doctor ASAP.

4. Abnormal Shaking or Vibrating

If you feel that the car’s four wheels are shaking or vibrating, it could be due to reasons such as unbalanced wheels, loose hoses, worn-out ball joints, or angry ghouls. Egads! There’s no way to guess your way around the issue – You’ll have to bite the bullet and bring your car to a mechanic to get it sorted.

5. Leaks

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Now, repeat this poem after us:

If my car fluid leaks

or can’t go up the peak

or it squeaks or creeks

it’ll quickly turn weak

I won’t wait till next week

To see a car mechanic

because I’m a responsible driver and I do not want to put myself or others around me in danger.

That’s right – Fluid leaks undermine vehicle performance, and shorten longevity, just like a nagging spouse. If you move your car from its spot and see oily spots or stains leaking from its exhaust pipe, simply recall the above poem and take your issue to the mechanic.

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