There’s not many ways to gain respite in bustling Singapore, so we totally get why driving is a common form of escape in our tiny city. The sight of an open road and the feeling of fresh wind in your face makes road trips and joy rides alike inexplicably invigorating, and if you’re looking for some places to indulge in some Fast & Furious moments, here are 6 ulu roads in Singapore for the car enthusiast in you:

1. Old Upper Thomson Road

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From 1960 to 1973, the Singapore Grand Prix was held on none other than Old Upper Thomson Road, and we’re glad that three things about this road haven’t changed since: Most of the ex-circuit’s original twists and turns, their thrilling names (Like “Snakes”, “Murder Mile” and “Devil’s Bend”), and its intoxicating and compelling lure. PS. Seems like humans and monkeys alike come here to satisfy a thrill, so watch out for them whilst on the road.

2. Neo Tiew Road

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If you’re looking for a different type of thrill, come here by yourself during the lunar seventh month, and you might just get more than you bargained for. If you’re brave enough (or just come during the day lah), Neo Tiew Road, which is near farming land, will be the open road your soul needs. The road also eventually leads to Kranji Dam, where you’ll be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of Johor Bahru and Kranji Reservoir on your left and right. PS. Neo Tiew Road is located near the Lim Chu Kang cemeteries, so it might be good to bring along a partner for this one, and a religious relic. Ha. Ha. Ha?

3. Mount Faber

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Just a short 5-minute drive from South Buona Vista Road, the Mount Faber loop is one way and is, well, a continuous loop, so you won’t have to even think about oncoming motorists as you drift away on the hills like a true madman. The best thing? Once you reach its peak, you’ll also be treated to an inimitable panoramic view of our city. PS. Great place to bring your crush and score some points. There are restaurants on the peak that’ll definitely tickle their fancy – Drift, view, wine. Slam dunk.

4. Rifle Range Road

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If you’re a beginner who’s looking for something that’s easy and fun, we’re positive you’ll enjoy the moderate bends and turns that make Rifle Range Road. While this one-way road leads to a dead-end, you’ll be rewarded richly with the serene atmosphere and the lulling trees overhead if you don’t mind doing a few U-turns. PS. Monkeys abound here as well. Hide those banana peels!

5. South Buona Vista Road

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South Buona Vista road is infamous for its treacherous blind corners, ditches and steep areas. Unsurprisingly, it is also known to be accident-ridden, so if you decide to embark on this thrill, make sure you bring along some common sense and a light foot. Despite the difficulties, we know that the satisfaction you’ll get from completing this high-level trip will be totally worth it. PS. While the road is known in Hokkien as Gao Zhup Gao Wan (“99 Bends”), we only counted 11 the last time we were there.

6. Tuas Mega Port

Tuas Mega Port is slated to be the world’s largest fully automated port by 2040, and we think that’s pretty darn cool. Because of how far it stretches, it is used as a spare airplane runway, and is a secluded spot where drag racers and modified PMD drivers alike often rendezvous. Thrilling. Drag racing is illegal in Singapore, by the way, and at Brze we stand for everything legal and safe. Still, the thought of it all is quite blood-pumping, isn’t it? PS. The area is well lit with lamp posts, so you don’t have to worry about any night-time fiends approaching you unannounced. We hope you enjoyed reading about these 6 ulu roads in Singapore where you can go (not) 2 Fast 2 Furious. Car enthusiasts and lovers: Do you have your own favourite race tracks roads? Don’t be selfish la, share ‘em with us in the comments below.

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