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Maintaining a car in Singapore is not an easy feat. You’ll have to take care of an endless myriad of expenses every month that includes unexpected repairs, parking costs, maintenance work, car cleaning fees, petrol expenditure, insurance premiums, tyre and oil change costs, and more, to consider – If this condensed list didn’t give you the heebie-jeebies, we salute you for having nerves of steel. Of course, there are creative ways to cut down on these costs, and we’d like to share them with you. If you’re looking to reduce your car running costs, here are 6 tips that’ll definitely help you:

1. Plan your errands

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Planning your errands and trips helps you to lessen the amount of distance you’ll have to travel, and allows you and your family to greatly economize the use of your car. So for example, if you live in the east and have an errand to run in the west, ask if someone also needs to head in that direction anytime soon so you can set a day to head there together and save on petrol, baby! Although the planning process can be a little tedious at first, your family will soon get used to sharing their schedules, and perhaps even learn to help each other out more in the process. That’s a win-win if you ask us.   

2. Don’t exceed 20km per trip

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By keeping your trips short and sweet, you’ll be saving on fuel and engine oil costs. We know that this isn’t always possible, but if you manage to keep your trips under 20km, you’ll not only be saving when it comes to petrol expenses, but you’ll also be helping your engine reach its optimal temperature during each trip, meaning your engine’s oil will continue to be in good shape for longer, and this, my friend, results in less engine oil expenditure in the long run. Yay, you!  

3. Find cheaper parking

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Parking isn’t cheap in Singapore, so this is another great area where you significantly reduce your car’s running costs. If you’re headed to the CBD, for example, you could search for car parks with cheap rates, or park outside the CBD and take public transport in. This might take you a bit of exploring and some time, but it’ll be totally worth it, as you’ll also be saving on ERP charges.   

4. Wash your car yourself

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While one car wash might not cost much, mind you, it all adds up to quite a bit if you wash your car frequently. If you don’t believe it, try washing your car yourself for a few months and calculate just how much you end up saving. Another plus point is that you’ll be getting some exercise in while you take the time to clean your car. PS. Cleaning your car can be a therapeutic experience instead of a chore if you’re able to frame the activity in a positive light!

5. Skip the premium fuel

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Not all cars require premium fuel, and if you’ve been pumping 98 petrol, you could easily save good money by switching to 95 petrol. Likewise, if you’ve been pumping 95, you can save lots just by switching to 92 petrol. Of course, before you do so, make sure your car owner’s manual says that it’s alright for you to do so, as pumping lower octane petrol than what your car’s engine needs could prove to be disastrous, and result in exorbitant repair costs.  

6. Brake smoothly

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If you’ve got a heavy foot on your brakes, it’s time to learn to go lighter. Driving like you’re Speedy Gonzales on steroids or braking like a madman will not only waste your petrol but will also cause wear and tear to your car, which would inevitably cost you a hole in your pocket. So remember: Drive smoothly, and say goodbye to abrupt acceleration and jam braking. Apart from these 6 tips for reducing car running costs in Singapore, do you have your own suggestions? If you do, don’t be shy – Tell us in the comments below.
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