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Getting into an accident is nightmare enough, but accidents with Malaysian vehicles are twice the horror because you’re dealing with a totally different system. We think it doesn’t hurt to find out more especially if you love driving across the border – Here are 7 important things you need to know when claiming against a Malaysian vehicle or understanding the difference between Malaysia vs Singapore car accident.

1. Gather your documents

First things first: Below is a list of all the information you’ll need if you find yourself in an accident with a Malaysian vehicle:

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We know that’s a lot of stuff. But do your best not to don’t skip any – the more quality documentation you possess, the higher your chances of a successful claim. Still feeling at a loss? Get our free insurance claims advice.

2. Make a written Traffic Police report within 24 hours

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The first thing you should do is file a written report of the accident with the Traffic Police within 24 hours, no matter how insignificant the accident might seem. It is mandatory for motorists to file a report in Malaysia before heading back home to Singapore. Do note that only certain police stations in Malaysia are open for accident reporting.

3. Inform your insurer

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You must inform your insurer about your accident within 24 hours even if you don’t wish to claim against them. Non-reporting of an accident is a breach of insurance policy and can result in a loss of protection and your NCD entitlement (gasp!).

4. Claim against the Malaysian vehicle’s insurer

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This is most likely going to be the longest and most uncertain part of the process. You need to contact the Malaysian vehicle’s insurer directly within 24 hours of the accident and submit all the information mentioned above. There is no sure answer as to how long the Malaysian insurer will take to process your claim.

In the event that you don’t hear back from them, you can either approach the GIA, or Malaysia’s counterpart of GIA, Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM), or get in touch with our insurance claims experts at Brze, who’ll know exactly what to do to help.

5. Claim against your own insurer

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This could be a better option if you have a comprehensive insurance policy and need to make a faster claim, but your liability in the accident must be below 20%, or else filing a claim against your own insurer could result in a cut or loss of your NCD.

Here are a few other points to consider before claiming against your insurer:

  • In the event of a minor accident where no injuries are sustained and vehicle damage is superficial, can you afford to cover the expenses from your own pocket?
  • Have you used the same policy to file accident claims in the past? Repeat accident claims may affect your NCD and premium.
  • Is the repair cost equal to or lower than your excess?

6. Arrange a private settlement

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If both the ideas of claiming against your own insurer or the Malaysian vehicle’s insurer don’t sit well with you, you can arrange a private settlement with the Malaysian vehicle owner instead.

Do keep in mind that even though this might sound like an informal and more hassle-free way, you would still need to properly document the damages and losses incurred, and the settlement terms.

What are the disadvantages of a private settlement?

Beware – there have been many cases where the actual repair and/or medical costs from an accident turned out to be significantly higher than what was initially calculated and agreed on. When this happens, the parties involved may go back on their agreement and submit insurance claim(s). This would most definitely hurt your NCD, lead to a hike in your premium, and even cost you an extra loading amount!

7. File a lawsuit against the Malaysian vehicle owner

You can file a lawsuit against the Malaysian vehicle owner if you can afford the legal expenses. Accident assessment lawyers do not come cheap, and fees can be painfully exorbitant. BRZE offers accident reconstruction expert and can help you with your case.

Whose fault was it?

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Minor accidents are easier to resolve, but more severe ones can be a pain in the butt. Different parties may present different versions of the incident and claim innocence, police reports might miss crucial details, and your insurer or the third party’s insurer may make it hard to approve your claim, or worse, parties might even sue each other.

What do you do if you cannot afford an expensive lawyer? Do not fret! Simply approach our accident assessment experts for a free consultation today. We’ve seen it all, and want to do our part to help you navigate your way into a hassle-free future after your accident.


How can a Malaysian vehicle claims against Singapore vehicle?

If you are wondering how Malaysia car can claim against Singapore, dothe documentations, report the police, file for insurance and you can get Malaysia and Singapore car accident claim easily. 

Can I claim against my own insurer?

You can claim against your own insurer in a Singapore vs Malaysia car accident when you have a comprehensive insurance policy and you need to make a faster claim. However, your liability in the accident should be below 20% or else it could lead to loss of your NCD. 

Do you offer vehicle assessment services?

Yes, we do offer alternative assessment services for cars in accidents to help you out with your claim or compensation. 

I am in a tricky situation and I cannot get the accident claim for repairing my car. Can you help?

Yes, our accident assessment experts can help you out by rendering free consultation today. 

Will private settlement work in case of Singapore vs Malaysia car accident?

It might, but mostly it doesn’t because a private settlement is informal and you would need to properly document the losses incurred or the damage to finalize the settlement terms.


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