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Getting pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to stop living your life. Many modern women continue being girl bosses even with a little bun in the oven and continue to get behind the wheel to keep up with yoga classes, gal pals, running copious errands, and more. To keep you and your little one extra safe on the road, here are 8 tips for driving in Singapore whilst preggers:

1. Prepare for breakdowns and emergencies


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It’s crucial to always be prepared for an emergency on the road, and this becomes doubly important during pregnancy. Make sure that you have an emergency and first aid kit in your car that contains a battery charger, flashlight, and blanket. That’ll make sure you and your baby can keep not only safe but comfortable in the case of any mishaps.

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2. Keep sustenance in your car


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Your body now requires you to stay constantly nourished and hydrated throughout the day, so stock up your car with your favourite energy-giving snack, and have a bottle of water, or a packet of flavoured drinks ready to help you stay energetic and alert throughout your journey.

PS. Aroma therapy also helps to keep you alert – One great mind-refresher to use is peppermint oil, which helps with fatigue and brain fog.

3. Be sensitive towards your body


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With pregnancy comes a whole host of joys… And frustrations. Enter: fatigue, nausea, and pregnancy brain. So, before you leave your home for the road, always make sure you check in (honestly) with yourself, and have a good gauge of whether you’re up for your drive or not. If you don’t feel good, stay at home. Don’t Geh Kiang!

4. Be a passenger

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As your pregnancy progresses and your bump inches closer and closer to your steering wheel, you want to make sure that you actually refrain from driving as much as possible. One great alternative to driving is hailing a Grab, Gojek, or Comfort ride – Or you could get your friends and family members to play chauffeur in exchange for the role of esteemed godparent.

5. Adjust your steering wheel and driver’s seat


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If you’re driving, move your seat as far back as possible and position yourself in the most comfortable way. If you’d like, you can even use after-market extenders to get a little extra distance between yourself and the steering wheel.

You also want to tilt the steering wheel toward your chest, so that in the case of an accident, your airbag won’t be deployed directly onto your abdomen and potentially hurt your baby.

6. Wear your seatbelt correctly


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When wearing your seatbelt, make sure you place the lap portion under your abdomen as much as possible, and not above or over your belly. Get it across your upper thighs and hip bones, and keep it snug around your body. Also, ensure that the shoulder strap runs across your chest and between your breasts.

7. Use a tummy shield


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Dear Mummy with a tummy: We understand how after a certain period, seatbelts become an impossible struggle. If you’ve gotten to that stage, we highly recommend using a tummy shield, which restrains just as well as a seatbelt and can properly protect your abdomen from possible injuries in the case of (touch wood) a car accident.

8. In the case of a car accident, always see a doctor

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No matter how minor your car accident was, you should always see a doctor make sure you and your baby are totally unharmed. Pregnant women without documented injuries are at greater risk of entering preterm labor due to trauma, and if your baby has sustained injuries, chances are you won’t be able to feel them till it’s too late – So make haste, keep alert, and don’t you dare delay, Mama.

If you’re eating for two, we’d like to wish you a smooth pregnancy and delivery, and a double portion of safety on the road. If you need to constantly drive for work or other reasons, we hope these 8 tips for driving in Singapore whilst pregnant help you and your little one a ton. Peace out.  

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