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Getting help regarding your car accident compensation

People always hope that a car accident never happens, but sometimes things can go awry. Getting in an accident can be stressful, but confusing. At times of distress, disputing car insurance claims and payouts can be a nightmare. However, with a little help from the professionals at Brze, your car insurance claim process can become a lot easier. They can provide you services regarding:

  • Accident reconstruction

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Accident reconstruction is one of the most effective ways of determining the key element in causing an accident. Our experts can provide you with full-fledged accident reconstruction services so that the contributory negligence in the accident can be identified and the insurance compensation can be claimed.

  • Injury Assessment 

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While worrying about the disputing car insurance claims and payouts, most people forget that the insurance company is liable to pay towards the medical expenses or the disability of the injured party in certain car accidents. If you want to assess your personal injury compensation, then our injury liability consultation can guide you through it.


  • Accident investigation

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Our consultants can also render accident investigation services to assess the incurred losses and determine which party was at fault during the accident process. Also, accident investigation can be beneficial in taking corrective action for preventing accidents from happening again. You can opt for our services to claim insurance and clear that it wasn’t your fault, or you can reach us out to dig the root cause of the accident.


All these services can be a lifesaver in resolving disputing car insurance claims and payouts. Your insurance claim process can become more straightforward, and you can get the compensation a lot faster.

So instead of whining about your disputing car insurance claims and payouts or getting into fights with your insurance company, get in touch with the professionals at Brze, and get your accident claim swiftly.

Car insurance in Singapore from Brze

Numerous factors make car insurance from Brze the best. With us, you can have:

  • 24-hour claim support
  • Hassle-free coverage within a day
  • Protection of your NCD in a foreign vehicle    claim
  • A flexible range of insurance coverage plans
  • Credit-card-free instalment plans

So, register now, and get a quote for your car accident claim. We will get back to you as soon as you fill up our form!

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