In this instalment of #MomsMakeLifeABrze we’re excited to introduce Jade Leong Lai Yoke.

Tell us a bit about yourself (What do you do, hobbies you have, your descent, areas of education)


Leong Lai Yoke

Work in a bank, coming to 1.5 years

Been in the banking industry for 21 years

Before that, in the corporate world 20 with Reuters Servicing banks

As a project manager


Bachelor’s Degree in computing science and management


Eating cheese, drinking wine


Walking and running


Three words to describe yourself:

  • Fierce
  • Generous
  • Strong


  • Energetic
  • Someone who likes to cook, creative


1. What vehicle do you drive right now and how long have you driven it? (If none, what was the colour, model and make of your last vehicle and how long did you have it for?)

  • Toyota Prius +, white, coming to three years
  • IN abu dari – Ford H (very nice, went on road trips – Oman, Dubai, northern states)
  • Been driving since 1993 when MJ was born


2. What kind of driver do you think you are?

  • Yes, I am a good driver.
  • Traffic police good certification – discount for insurance
  • “60% of the time I’m calm.”


3. What’s one road safety habit you’ve cultivated for yourself

  • Aiya, that one ah!
  • I cannot tahan drivers who do not know how to signal. i am very particular about singling, because if you want to switch lanes, you have to indicate, or it’ll be very dangerous. 
  • In recent years, (even worse in the Middle east) a lot of drivers do not indicate if they’re going to switch lane etc.
  • I think cause people get very lazy
  • In the ME, interview with one of the Arabs: His answer was that signaling where I’m going is a display of my weakness. A mentality of “i have the right not to show where I’m going.”


4. What’s one road safety measure you took/take with your kid(s)?

  • Firstly, you have to know the route you’re taking, because if you don’t know how to navigate, it can pose a lot of danger. Missing a turn – cutting across ¾ lanes just to get there.
  • Keeping within speed limits (sharp bends, treacherous)
  • No fighting, quarrelling because it can be very distracting
  • Safety belts are a must


Tell us about one good and memorable experience you had on the road

I was trying to switch lanes cause I got into the wrong lane, when you signal, people close up the gaps, but the driver behind me was very kind and slowed down to allow me to filter out. Couple of months ago.


Have you been in an accident/close shave before? Were your kid(s) involved? Tell us more about it.

No. By myself yes – On a lane going straight and turning right. Where MPH used to be- Near where Cathay is. Motorbike on my left. Right turning lane on extreme right, I was on lane number two. The motorbike assumed I was turning right, I was going straight. I didn’t have my signal. He filtered onto my lane, he hit me and fell with his pillion rider. It was very scary.


First accident was also with a motorbike. Motorcyclists filter in and out of lanes, don’t observe certain rules, and accidents are on the driver. Motorbike definitely have body injuries. Very bias. Because they’re hurt, in the eyes of the law, there’s sympathy. Very difficult to see them.


What’s one thing you’d like to say (tips, suggestions, warnings) to all parents driving with kids?

That they should, even with a time constraint, be late rather than drive dangerously. Being late and living is better than being on time and dead.


What’s one thing that helps you juggle being a good mum and a strong professional at the same time?

I think it’s about setting priorities on what we’re supposed to do, organising yourself well. When I finish work, I don’t bring problems home, and when you’re tired and have put in eight hours of work, just rest. You have to give the rest of your time to your family – Be firm with your bosses. Be firm with what you need to do in life. Time slicing that you have to be good at.


What’s one motto you live by?

Live and let live, and eat more (good food).


If there anything else you’d like for us to add on our article?


  • Rules you enforce on your kids
  • What kind of driver do you think you are, and why?


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