In this instalment of #MomsMakeLifeABrze we’re excited to introduce Michelle SGP.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself (What do you do, hobbies you have, your descent, areas of education)


More can be found on bio page at


2. What vehicle do you drive right now and how long have you driven it? (If none, what was the colour, model and make of your last vehicle and how long did you have it for?)

I drive a red Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2L. This one, driven for 5 years!  


3. What’s one road safety habit you’ve cultivated for yourself


 Give more than enough allowance for applying brakes, all the more on wet days. Hence – Safety on the roads is WAYYY more important than being on time for work appointments. 


4. What’s one road safety measure you took/take with your kid(s)?


Seatbelt on please. Even if the destination is 1 street away.  


5. Tell us about one good and memorable experience you had on the road


Driving along Australia’s Great Ocean Road with my son.  If you need a local context, that’ll be driving along the ECP with the seaview on my side.


6. Have you been in an accident/close shave before? Were your kid(s) involved? Tell us more about it


Ooooh .. 10 years back when It just rained,  was alont at the PIE linking to CTE near Kallang rushing to work, where traffic came to sudden standstill. My brakes couldnt be applied efficiently on time, and to avoid crash with car in front, I tried in that split second to squeeze car between two other cars to minimise damage. Was like.. sandwich and hoping for minimal collateral damage. Thankfully no injuries, one of the cars moved off in time, while sides of car got compressed and part of front got damaged. 


7. Tell us a few things about road safety that you’ve always taught your child(ren).


Do not trust the traffic lights when they give the green go ahead. Look left, Look right before crossing, because there will always be unpredictable clowns or blindspots on the road. And everytime there is one of those junctions where there is a right turn arrow where pedestrian is crossing, I’ll use that to remind my kid how from the driver’s point of view, may not see pedestrians, hence they gotta be on a look out when they cross roads. 


8. What’s one thing you’d like to say (tips, suggestions, warnings) to all parents driving with kids?


Always BELT UP! Even for short distances!!!! Avoid putting children in the middle of the seat at the back where they are directly exposed to the windscreen during the drive.. there should be a barrier in front of them.  


9. What’s one thing that helps you juggle being a good mum and a strong professional at the same time?


My helper. And Delegation. 


10. What’s one motto you live by?


Live Life Purposefully through music as a tool  


11. If there anything else you’d like for us to add on our article?


Link to my work/ or with son perhaps? 🙂  

I will send you a draft of the article before it is published on our platform.

:) wow thats nice.. thanks. 

At Brze, we love our mothers as much as we love our cars. #MomsMakeLifeABrze was started to celebrate the strong women we have in our lives, open the conversation about road safety, and crowdsource precious real-life tips from parents we adore.

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