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If you’re looking to jazz up your ride with a bidded car number plate, we’ve got your back. While customised plates aren’t allowed in Singapore, there is still some room for individualism for Singpaorean drivers – Say hello to the number game. Whether you’re looking for repeated digits (666, goodness!), double digits (88 for some luck), or numbers that spell out words, here’s our xx favourite bidded car plate numbers in Singapore for some F45T (fast) inspiration:

1. Old and vintage plates – Eg. E 3008 H

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Some of the most sought-after number plates come from the E-prefix series, and which have fewer numbers and letters than the usual S-plates we see in Singapore. The E-prefix car plate series was introduced in the 70s, so there’s little wonder as to why there are only a few that are still available, and why these car plate numbers can be worth hundreds of thousands. The E-prefix series now come as single-prefixes or two-letter prefixes: So if you see E, EE, EA, EC and other double-digit prefixes that start with E, know that you’re looking at a vintage plate. E for “evergreen”, one might say. If you’re an old soul who loves some good ol’ retro vibes, you can hunt for these classy vintage car plate numbers on SgCarMart.

2. Q-plate (An old scheme for company cars) – Eg. QSR888K

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Nope, these aren’t foreign cars – Apart from the vintage E-prefix, there is another low-in-supply prefix that starts with the letter… Q! This prefix was done away with in 1998, but was previously an old scheme where company cars had to have number plates starting with a quintessential Q.   Interestingly, the QX-prefix is known popularly as the preferred prefix for police cars and SCDF emergency vehicles in Singapore, so next time you’re tempted to tailgate a car with a number plate that starts with Q, look again! You might be courting trouble with the mata mata.

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3. Single digits – Eg. GX 5 C

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There’s nothing quite as elegant as a single-digit car number plate, and while they are rare, are readily available as long as you look hard enough. One of the other upsides of having a single-digit plate is that with a maximum of just five numbers is that it’s really easy to remember. Other examples include: SKP 5 Y, SKW 1 X, and SMP 2 G. Now, just imagine something like that, all clean and sharp on your new car. If you’d like to take it up a notch, how about a vintage single-digit number plate like EN 9 T? Ooh la la…

4. Anagrams and glyphs – Eg. SMU680Y (SMUG BOY)

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Image Credit: Creative Pro NetworkIf you think it’s real EA5Y spelling out words with a mixture of numbers and alphabets, and slightly miss the era where kids used to text “I l4v3 u 43va” on their Nokia phones, this could be the right type of bidded car plate for you. In fact, one interesting car number plate we’ve found is: SNA 2 Z (SNAZZ). While it’s not EA5Y to find such number plates, you just have to be a little extra creative and cheeky when it comes to these glyph-like bidded plates. After all, anagrams can come in any way, shape or form. Just make sure you still abide by the strict rules for number plate formats in Singapore as you dish out your creative flairs.

5. Identical or repeated digits and letters – Eg. SDT 7777T

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Getting a new car license plate reminds me a lot of when I was a bench player in my Secondary School basketball team – You simply don’t get a choice. Due to how license plates are issued in Singapore, it’s likely that you’ll get issued an unforgettable lump of random numbers that you’ll forget as soon as you lay eyes on them. If you’ve got the extra cash, why not get yourself a bidded car plate with the same numbers and letters? Some highly sought-after plates could even have letters and numbers that look one and the same: For example, SDS6666S. What a trick! As a person who loves Excel sheets and arranging my household items in grids, identical digits and letters sound like just my type of license plate. Bonus points if you score a vintage car plate with identical letters. When it comes to identical and repeated numbers, whether they’re two-digit or four-digit number plates, there are countless options available for sale, so take your pick: If you’re looking for your lucky 5555, 888, or 777, you can try your luck through One Motoring’s bidding exercises, with a minimum bid of $1,000.

6. Auspicious or lucky numbers – Eg. SLT 3388P

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In Catonese culture, certain numbers such as ‘4’ are to be avoided like the plague – It means ‘death’. However, other numbers, such as ‘3’ and ‘8’ are considered lucky numbers, for they sound like the words for ‘life (shang)’ and ‘fortune (huat)’ respectively. In the Western world, lucky number ‘7’ is no secret, whilst freaky ‘13’ is a number to be avoided, as it has ties to many grim events in history. Whatever culture you’re from, we’re sure that you’ve grown up with some lucky numbers and inauspicious digits. ‘666’, anyone? And God bless your soul. We hope you enjoyed reading about our 6 favourite types of bidded car plate numbers in Singapore. After all, why get a random, boring clump of digits when you could bid for a special and meaningful car plate number? It doesn’t matter what type of numbers float your boat – We wish you happy bidding, and ‘888’ (fortune) ‘1314’ (for all of your life)!

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