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You follow all the rules; walk on the pavement, drive within the speed limit, cycle on the correct side but you still find yourself caught up in an accident. What to do now? What about all the expenses? Who is going to pay? Worry not, BRZE has got your back. If you want to claim for a car accident or any kind of injury, you are in the right place that has answers to all your problems and queries. 


1. Things that you need to keep in mind: 

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  • It does not matter if you are a cyclist, passenger, driver, or pedestrian you have the right to claim. Any kind of injury or damage that is done to you without you being at fault is all covered under these claims. 

  • Both Malaysia and Singapore car accident claims expect you to take pictures and exchange particulars in the immediate aftermath of the accident. You will have to note down the name, NRIC or FIN, Vehicle number, Contact number, and Address. You will also need to tow your car and take it to an authorized workshop or vehicle center and make a report. 

  • You will need to claim within 3 years and it will take up to 3-4 months to 6 months-1.5 years depending on whether it is a major or minor claim. All you need is medical bills and certificates, and an income statement. 

  • If you had an accident in Malaysia, you cannot leave the country without making a report on it. Also, it is mandatory and beneficial to you, (both in Singapore and Malaysia) if an accident occurs on a Saturday evening then you must report it by Monday evening i.e., the next working day. 

2. Why this insurance service? 

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  • It looks after all the parties involved in the accidents. 

  • They are friendly, reliable, and provide amiable service to you. 

  • Credit card-free insurance plans.

  • Various options to choose from the services.

  • You can protect your No-Claims Discount (NCD) on the foreign claimed vehicle. 

  • You also get the option to cancel the policy and be refunded as well.

  • They aim to provide the free and best assistance.

  • You get the best-qualified consultants to guide you.

3. So, how do you make your claim?

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Get assistance and guidance from this 24-hour insurance service. You only need to submit your photos and the rest is taken care of by this service. So, your want to claim for a car accident is done smoothly and properly.

With the increase in accidents in Singapore as well as Malaysia, it is good to be aware of such claims to benefit and get cover on your loss & damage. If you are not sure who to approach or rely upon. BRZE is the right place to get all your doubts cleared. Know your ABCs of Malaysia and Singapore car accident claims today and say goodbye to your worries!

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