Are you looking for an affordable car insurance SG? It’s easy to overwhelm yourself with plenty of quotes and perks pouring in. In the end, it’s your vehicle, so make sure to choose the right type of policy from a responsive automobile insurer. The last thing you would expect is to get your car accident claim delayed or denied. In this post, you will get to know the right way to choose your car insurance in Singapore.

Comparing TPFT, TPO, and comprehensive insurance policies

The scope of insurance coverage determines the type of policy you should go for. Here’s what each of these policies covers.

  • TPO: Covers only third-party liability for your car
  • TPFT: Fire and theft coverage, along with third-party coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage: Includes all other perils including natural disasters

The coverage for each of these policies is different. Accordingly, you need to shell out the premiums. 

  • TPO car insurance SG policies are the cheapest, and you need to pay an annual premium of around $968. Considering the limited benefits of these policies, they are relatively affordable.
  • TPFT policies, on the other hand, are relatively more expensive. You need to shell out around $1,111 annually for these policies.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance policies in Singapore would cost you around $1,539 annually. 

Which type of car insurance policy would you need?

To ensure optimal coverage for your vehicle, it would be wise to go for comprehensive coverage. Particularly, if you are purchasing a new car, this policy should protect your vehicle from all sorts of perils. Therefore, you would remain protected against third-party damages as well as your own losses.

Well, every driver strives to be vigilant on the road. However, the inevitable does occur, and not everything remains under your control. What about technical glitches in your car leading to accidents? Would you bear the repair expenses out of your pocket? To address these challenges, it would be wise to vouch for comprehensive coverage. While TPFT and TPO are necessary, they offer limited coverage against perils. A comprehensive coverage, as the name suggests, would assure 360-degree protection to your car.

Besides, you have several add-ons and optional features that you can get along with your package.

Choosing the add-ons for your auto insurance policy

Despite having comprehensive coverage, you might be at risk for specific perils. To address these issues, insurance experts recommend getting add-ons for an extra premium.

For instance, many drivers in Singapore prefer paying an additional premium to get their engines covered. Other riders assure timely roadside assistance, personal accident cover, and zero-depreciation cover. Depending on the profile of the driver and the nature of the car, you need to choose these add-ons. Once you reach out to an insurance expert, the professionals can guide you on choosing the right riders.

In case you need assistance for filing your car accident claim, feel free to reach out to us. With professional help, the process seems to be less intimidating. The reimbursement process becomes easy when you make an informed move while filing the claim.

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