While owning a car is a privilege, maintaining it turns out to be a responsibility. With governments imposing stringent norms on old vehicles to curb pollution, you might be wondering whether it’s time to scrap car Singapore. Particularly, if your vehicle is older than 15 years, you wouldn’t like its fuel efficiency. Neither would it be logical to shell out high repair costs every month. At some point, you would want to sell car Singapore or scrap it.

Simply reach out to us for a swift and efficient scraping of your car. We offer value to our clients, ensuring that you can obtain the highest monetary benefit while getting rid of your old car. In this post, we are going to discuss four situations which indicate that you should scrap your vehicle.

When should you scrap your car?

Being a car owner, you would feel good to receive some extra bucks when you get rid of your old vehicle. After all, you would be contributing to a better environment to live in. Let’s check out some typical situations when scraping your car would be the best option.

  • The odometer reading is high

On average, you can drive your car comfortably for up to 12 years before the repairs turn out to be uneconomical. By this time, the odometer should be reading 100,000+ miles. Well, to ensure better fuel economy, comfort, and safety, you should scrape it. We can help you with the entire process when you scrap car Singapore. After all, it’s a good idea to invest in new technology rather than draining your resources on an old car.

  • The parts are wearing away

No owner likes to spend on routine repairs, particularly if the car is old and rusty. Besides, you would like to prioritize the aesthetical appeal of the car you drive. In case the metal work is damaged, or the engine compartment looks rickety, the car would be unsafe to drive. Considering the aesthetics as well as safety, it makes sense to scrap your car.

  • You seldom drive your car

Are you someone who rarely uses the old car? Well, if your car has been rusting in the garage, it’s time to get a quote from us. Before you scrape your car, we will evaluate its material value and give you a quote. Rather than letting the vehicle rot in the garage and accumulate dust, it would be wise to scrap it. With a new car, you would be spending less on maintenance!

  • Damages due to accidents

Accidents can inflict severe damage to your car. Sometimes, this damage is beyond recovery, so you need to think of alternative paths. Even if you obtain the fitness certificate, you wouldn’t like to spend much on repairs or fixing the dents. Particularly, if the body of the vehicle sustains heavy damage, there’s no point in keeping it. You would want to sell car Singapore or scrap it to get a decent value.

We offer a one-stop solution for car scraping in Singapore. Right from legalities to documentation, we take care of every step that the process involves. With us, you can rest assured of getting the best value for the parts and materials when you scrape the vehicle.

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