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One second of misjudgment on the road could lead to months, even years of endless worry and anxiety. Apart from causing emotional and mental trauma, injuries, and fatalities, car accidents can also become gargantuan financial burdens.

One should have a good understanding of the expenses that would incur in the aftermath of an accident, which would be helpful in getting the right amount of car accident claim.

Here are 6 common types of expenses car accidents in Singapore incur:

1. Healthcare

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This covers costs that include transport fees, surgery, all scans and tests, therapy, medication, and more. The total cost of expenses usually triple in Private Hospitals compared to Public Hospitals, and the range of fees largely depends on the severity of the accident and injuries incurred.

2. Repairs

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Your vehicle might’ve gone almost unscathed, or it might now be a metal mess on wheels. Depending on your insurance coverage and clauses, you’ll most likely have to fork out a substantial amount for its repair work. While there isn’t a strict standard in Singapore for car servicing, you can expect to leave your preferred workshop about $430 poorer.

3. Legal fees

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In minor accidents where both parties can amicably reach a private settlement, there is zero need to work with a Personal Injury Lawyer. However, legal help is often needed in cases where liability isn’t clear and a motorist’s claim is not accepted by an insurance provider. A lawyer’s role in this process is usually to mediate for all the parties involved and represent their client in the eyes of the law.

While lawyers are crucial in such cases, not everyone can afford the hefty fees that come along with the oft-stretched out process, the deluge of official documents, and umpteen court hearings. In most cases, lawyers charge a contingency fee or 15 to 40% of your total claim amount. This amount can easily go up to tens of thousands.

4. Damage to property

If there are other damages to property apart from the vehicles involved, such as a gate, lamp post, or expensive device, recompense is required. If a motor mishap involves private property such as a fancy fence, fixtures might cost up to thousands of dollars. If the damages incurred are minor enough for a private settlement, phew, and thank God. 

5. Loss of income

Don’t expect to be bouncing right back into regular life after a motor accident, especially if it was a major one. While some bosses have measures in place that accommodate injured or impaired employees, they are not legally obliged to keep them on their payrolls. As with any business, productivity requires that a wounded hire be replaced with a healthier and more energetic employee.

Don’t think for a minute that it is only those in menial positions who are affected this way. A minor spinal cord injury could prevent an individual from doing desk work, forcing them to take medical leave. This could signal a substantial dip in your income, and if you have more than one mouth to feed, become an area of great distress.

6. Counselling

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Some motorists have been so severely traumatised by a car accident that they never get behind the wheel again. Some individuals dare not even get into an automobile after a severely scarring incident, while others yet can’t even bring themselves to go near roads in the days, months, and years following their accident.

PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) is real and formidable, and along with depression and anxiety, is often the unspoken, invisible price tag that comes along in the aftermath of motor accidents. While there are ways to get subsidised or even free counselling sessions, psychiatrist visits, and other mental health assistance, it could also cost up to thousands a month to treat a mental illness.

We hope understanding these common types of expenses that car accidents can incur will help prepare you for any unexpected challenges you might face.

If you ever find yourself caught in the merciless undertows after a car accident, know that you are not alone. Looking for the right car insurance for your needs?  We at Brze, are highly experienced in accident assistance and Third Party Insurance claim Singapore

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