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Being in a car accident is unfortunate for everyone, but the aftermath of the accident is the real problem. In a third party accident claim, people generally have to bear the cost of damage to their vehicle and the sustained injuries. This is why several individuals go for car insurance claims advice. Claims can be long and tiresome because of the elaborate paperwork involved, which is why insurance claim advice can come in handy. 

How long does an insurance claim take?

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Insurance claims can take somewhere between six months to year depending on the severity of the situation and how you are filing for the compensation. To get the claim as soon as possible, you have to submit a proper accident report within 24 hours to your respective insurance company and visit your authorized workshop or Brze independent workshop for the repair.

To submit a proper claim, one must:

  • Submit their NRIC, well-documented evidence, and a copy of their driving license and insurance certificate within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Document everything starting from the license plate number of the vehicles involved to the model, make and colour of the vehicles, name address and NRIC of other drivers, and particulars of all injured persons. 
  • Submit close-up, medium-range, and wide-angle shots of the damage, your car, and the whole scene.
  • Visit an insurer-authorized workshop or Brze workshop for the damage repair.

Confused about a car insurance claim?

Contact Brze

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Are you confused about how long does an insurance claim takes? Are you searching for the difference between a personal injury claim and car insurance claim? Then it’s better that you leave it to the professionals. The experienced team at Brze can guide you through the steps of a car insurance claim and make your claim process seamless. Starting from  accident reconstruction to investigation and claim advice, our qualified team can assist with everything regarding your claim. Read More – 6 Reasons Why Most Car Accidents Happen Close to Home  Reach out to our experts now, and make your insurance claim as straightforward as possible.

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