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Introduced in 1998 to both ease and lessen traffic during peak hours, Electronic Road Pricing, or ERP was an upgrade of its 1975 predecessor, the Area Licensing Scheme (ALS), which aimed to reduce traffic congestion specifically in the CBD.

Today, the ERP has become crucial in managing road congestion in Singapore – Drivers are charged whenever they pass under an ERP gantry during its operational hours, and this encourages drivers to take less congested routes, alternative means of transport, or to schedule their travel during non-peak hours.

So, if you’re new to Singapore, welcome! We bet you’ll soon be grumbling about ERP rates like the rest of us. But before you start getting on the road, what do you need to prepare to be ready for our ERP gantries? We’ve got the answers – Here’s how to pay your ERP charges in Singapore:

1. Singapore-registered vehicles

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It is compulsory for all Singapore-registered vehicles to install an IU (In-car unit) to drive through ERP gantries across the expressway, arterial roads, and city cordons alike. The cost of installing an IU in your vehicle is SGD $155.80 (Inclusive of 7% GST). Similarly, IU inspection centres charge around a $15 fee for the removal of an IU.

2. Foreign-registered vehicles

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Foreign-registered vehicles, including goods-vehicles, taxis and buses, can either install an IU at any LTA-authorised inspection centre, or rent a unit from Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoints.

3. List of IU centres

All IU centres are open from Monday to Saturday, 8.00am to 5.00pm unless stated otherwise, and are conveniently located in 14 different locations around Singapore.

Type of IU Centre Address Contact / Notes

JIC Inspection Services Pte Ltd


53 Pioneer Road

Singapore 628505

Tel: 6863 9639

JIC Inspection Services Pte Ltd

(Ang Mo Kio)

21 Ang Mo Kio Street 63

Singapore 569118

Tel : 6484 7370

STA Inspection Pte Ltd (Sin Ming)

302 Sin Ming Road

Singapore 575627

Tel : 6452 1398

STA Inspection Pte Ltd (Boon Lay)

249 Jalan Boon Lay

Singapore 619523

Tel: 6261 6178

VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd

(Bukit Batok)

511 Bukit Batok Street 23

Singapore 659545

Tel : 6458 4555

VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd


20 Changi North Crescent

Singapore 499613

Tel : 6458 4555

VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd

(Kaki Bukit)

23 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4

Singapore 415933

Tel : 6458 4555

VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd


501 Yishun Industrial Pk A

Singapore 768732

Tel : 6458 4555

VICOM Inspection Centre Pte Ltd (Sin Ming)

385 Sin Ming Drive

Singapore 575718

Tel: 6458 4555
Others Indeco Engineers Pte Ltd

Tel: 6382 8276

Please call for enquiries.

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday

8.30am – 5.45pm

(Closed on PHs)

Lian Hup Heng Motor LLP

Blk 1 Woodlands Road

387D Yew Tee Industrial Estate

Singapore 678021

Tel: 6760 2153

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

8.30am – 6.00pm


8.00am – 5.00pm

(Closed on PHs)

Five Luck Enterprise

Blk 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1


Singapore 150127

Tel: 62781133

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday

9.30am – 5.00pm

(Closed on PHs)

Leader Automobile Workshop

2 Kaki Bukit Avenue 2,

#02-01 Kaki Bukit AutoHub

Singapore 417921

Tel: 66358338 / 67466931

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday

9.30am – 5.00pm

Closed on PHs

Soon Heng Taximeters Service

Blk 28 Sin Ming Drive #01-157

Singapore 575702

Tel: 65534607

(For Taxis Only)

4. Modes of payment

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Currently, there are two modes of payment for ERP charges when driving through an ERP gantry:

You can pay using a stored-value card like a NETS CashCard, NETS FlashPay Card or EZ-Link CEPAS Card. ERP charges are automatically deducted from your card as long as it’s inserted properly in your IU, so do ensure there is sufficient value in your card before getting on the road.

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If you would like the hassle-free experience of not having to top up your card, you can use services like Motorpay, Virtual CashCard or EZ-Pay:

Service Information
Motorpay Subscription, $1.07/month

Virtual CashCard


$0.50 for each top-up 

Fee waived for:

  • DBS/POSB Card Holders
  • UOB Credit and Debit Card Holders
  • American Express Credit Card holders

Free of charge

Currently accepts:

  • DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Cards
  • Citibank Via/MasterCard Credit or Debit Cards

5. ERP violations and fine payments

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If you do not pay your ERP charges due to reasons such as an expired or improperly inserted card, insufficient card balance, or a defective IU, you will be notified of your violation within a few days, and will be charged an additional administrative fee. We know paying fines is never fun, but to make things slightly better, you could possibly knock $2 off your administrative fee by making your fine payment online, via an AXS e-station or m-station, using a SAM kiosk, or through ATM, mobile or Internet Banking. That’s a lot of options, if you ask us.

We hope this article gives you a much better idea of how ERP works – Whether it comes to IUs, MotorPay, or AXS Stations, you now know exactly how to pay your ERP charges in Singapore. If you would like more information on ERP gantries and rates in Singapore, look no further (link to other ERP article).

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