One of the worst times to get in a car accident is when you’re in a different country. While road accidents are always bad and equally risky, the hassles that follow can be much greater in foreign lands. You will still have to find a way to file an insurance claim, preferably with the third party’s insurer. If you visit Malaysia often, this might be a concern. Well. This article will help you understand how to claim insurance for car accident in Malaysia, both for the damages and the injuries. 

Exploring the insurance claim options

First, let’s check out what options you have when it comes to claiming insurance for a car accident in Malaysia. You can either file the claim with your own insurer, or with the insurer of the other driver involved. 

  • Filing a claim with your insurer

This is a simpler and relatively more hassle-free option, as compared to filing a third-party insurance claim. Especially because your insurer is back in Singapore and you’re familiar with the claim process and terms, it would be easier for you to file the claim with your insurer. The problem, however, is that it would use up a chunk of your insured amount even if the accident wasn’t your fault. You’ll also be losing your no-claim discount bonus if you file a claim with your insurer. Even if you can get a private settlement for car accident, filing a claim with your insurer isn’t the best choice. 

  • Filing a claim with the third-party’s insurer

Alternatively, you could get the insurer of the driver responsible for the accident to pay up and cover your expenses. To do this, you need to file a third-party insurance claim with their insurer, even if it’s based in Malaysia. The process might seem a little more complicated if you aren’t aware of Malaysian laws and insurance claim processes. Besides, working with a different insurer is always a bit difficult. Especially if the insurer tries to shake off the liabilities or get away without covering all the expenses, you might need some help.

How to get a third-party insurer to pay up?

Naturally, it’s quite common for insurance companies to try and shell out the least possible compensation against insurance claims. While this complicates things already, it would be even more difficult if the insurer is based in a different country. If you aren’t sure how to claim insurance for car accident in Malaysia with a third-party insurer, it’s best to get some professional assistance. 

Leading insurance companies in Malaysia offer special assistance with filing insurance claims with non-cooperative insurers. They can provide you with the necessary legal advice and help you negotiate with the responsible insurer. This way, you can force the insurer into a private settlement for car accident with a fair amount of compensation. 


Don’t worry, although filing a third-party insurance claim in a different company might seem a bit daunting, it isn’t too hard. Getting some professional assistance can help you secure the right insurance amount without much hassle.

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