Car accidents are unfortunately very common and you might easily find yourself in one. With healthcare becoming increasingly expensive, the medical bills after a car accident can put you in a tough spot. While you can file a car accident claim with the insurer to receive compensation for the physical, mental, and financial damage, the process can be rather complex. If you are trying to find out more about personal injury claims, this article will help you out. 

What does a car accident injury policy cover?

Car accident injury insurance isn’t just about the medical bills – it also covers a variety of other direct or indirect losses and damages. If you aren’t very familiar with these insurance policies, you might be wondering about what’s covered and what’s not. Below are the losses that you can include in your claim:

  • Physical and mental harm. 
  • Medical expenses. 
  • Loss of amenities in life
  • Trauma
  • Financial losses due to being unable to work
  • Home assistance
  • Hospitalization costs

As you can see here, the coverage is quite comprehensive and even takes mental trauma into account. 

Is the compensation guaranteed?

Unfortunately, the compensation depends on a variety of variable factors and it’s not guaranteed. Insurers often pay up only a part of what the accident victim should be receiving or even refuse to pay at all, citing various excuses. For instance, they can curtail the claim amount by blaming you for the accident to some extent. 

In such scenarios, you can seek the help of a firm that offers compensation recovery services, including legal assistance and consultation. Their accident lawyers can help you secure the claim by providing you with the necessary guidance and taking necessary the legal steps to persuade the insurer into paying up. 

Can you take the insurer to court over the claim amount?

If the insurer curtails the claim amount or refuses to pay, you may take them to the court. However, make sure to have a good lawyer on your side. Losing the case will not only deny you the remaining compensation, but you’d also be losing money on the legal expenses. 

An experienced lawyer capable of presenting your case properly can help you win and ensure maximum compensation. In fact, most personal injury claims can be settled privately if you have proper legal backing. If the firm you’re working with can persuade the insurer into paying the right claim amount, it would save you the trouble of taking them to the court. 

Who is eligible to file a car accident claim?

Accident victims are often unsure about whether they can file a personal injury claim. As long as you are one of the following, you’re eligible for it:

  • A pedestrian who suffered injuries due to the negligence of someone driving a motorcycle, car, bus, or truck. 
  • A passenger who suffered injuries due to negligent driving on the part of a driver. 

Even if you’re partly responsible for the accident, you will still be eligible to file the claim. However, a certain percentage will be deducted for contributory negligence. 


Don’t back out from your right to claim a fair amount of compensation – you could lose a lot of money that way. A reputed compensation recovery firm like Brze can provide you with the necessary support and legal services. Get in touch with them and see how they can help you out.

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