Before a personal injury case proceeds to trial, it generally settles out of court. But, a lot of cases fail to obtain the settlement offer that they deserve. Sometimes, an injured person or the plaintiff might end up settling for a lot less than the true value of the case. At other times, the insurance company might attempt to lower your settlement amount and discourage you from consulting a personal injury lawyer. It's not every day that you meet with an accident. Which makes it difficult for you to be aware of the real claim value of your car accident. Want to claim a car accident with a good settlement offer? Here’s what you should know. 

What Do You Need to Consider After Car Accident? 

  • Complete-fault: One of the primary things to consider when dealing with a private settlement for a car accident is the factor of liability. If you have been in an accident that was completely the fault of the opposite party, then the settlement amount should not be less. The amount should include all the financial losses you have incurred as a direct result of the accident.
  • Partial-fault: Now, you might be under the impression that being partially at fault for an accident will not make you eligible for a private settlement for a car accident. That is not the case. For instance, if you are 40% responsible for an accident, the Singapore personal injury lawyers would allow you to seek financial compensation for the rest 60% of the damage done to you. 


Although no amount of money is enough to undo the damages done in an accident, you still deserve to get compensated anyway. Want to claim a car accident and get a good settlement out of it? Contact a lawyer or law firm today. 


Who is the best guide when claiming a settlement of car accident? 

A personal injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer is the best guide when claiming a settlement. 

Is a victim eligible for settlement even after being partially at-fault? 

Yes, the victim will be eligible to claim the portion he or she wasn’t responsible for. 

What are the factors that the insurance company considers? 

The total financial value of your damages includes medical expenses, loss of income, pain, trauma, etc.