Whether it's reckless driving or blatant contravention of the traffic laws, road accidents no doubt give you traumatic experiences. The outcome of such gross negligence sometimes reaps fatal injuries, often leading to death. While in other instances, its results are less-serious. Whatever the situation, if you are a citizen of Singapore; having accident insurance from trustworthy insurance companies like BRZE guarantees your personal injury claims. Conversely, you can also; safeguard your interest if you opt for Third Party insurance. 

How to make a Personal Injury Claim?

You can make a personal injury claim before your insurer or the vehicle owner whose careless action resulted in the accident; you can choose General damages if you suffered pain and injury, imputed body parts or lost future earnings. But, for financial losses like medical fees, hospital and transport charges claim special damages. Getting personal injury claims are now a three-step easy process. Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit a trusted doctor after your accident.
  • Lodge a police complaint if you did not receive the claim within three days.
  • Engage a legal professional to recover your personal injury claim.

Third-Party Insurance- What is it?

Another type of car insurance that protects you from liabilities arising out of injuries and fatalities or property damage caused to other people is the Third Party insurance. If you have taken such a policy from the reputed one-stop accident management service providers like BRZE, you have no reason to worry. They will tackle everything with absolute diligence and precision when someone makes a Third-party accident claim in Singapore against you. 


How to get third-party insurance?

To get a third-party policy, you must fill out the registration form and select the insurance package. The insurance company representatives will take out an insurance policy within an hour.

Does the third-party insurance policy cover theft and fire? 

Yes, the Third-party accident claim in Singapore covers your vehicle from theft and fire.

What is the time limit for getting a personal injury claim?

In case of minor injuries, you will receive the claim within three to four months. But, for severe injuries, it might take six months to one and a half years.


As a top-ranking insurance company, BRZE provides hassle-free online services with 24/7 customer support; contact them immediately to buy their services.

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