Car, bike wash accessories tools/ kits:

Jul 7, 2022




1) Microfibre cloth (2 sizes available)

- 30cm by 40cm (M): $3

-30cm by 60cm  (L): $4.50

Colours: Yellow, Blue, Green


2) Premium Chenille Microfibre : $3.80

Colours: Blue, Green, Red, Purple


3) Wheel & tyre brush: $3.70

Colours: Grey, Green, Orange, Blue


4) Wax applicator pad: $3.05

Colours: Yellow, Blue, Grey, Orange,


5) Sponge vehicle wash: $2.99


☑️ Microfibre cloth The Best Buffing Towel! Incredible Grip to Remove Waxes More Easily, Super Plush Buffing Towel is Designed Specifically For Wax and Sealant Removal. Best Suited For Drying Wet Surfaces Or For Use With Quick Detail And Water-less Car wash Products

☑️ Premium Chenille Microfibre lint-free, provide a swirl-free finish. It would be a perfect assistant to wash, wax, dust, and polish your vehicles and homes, use wet or dry, such as car, windows, mirrors, furniture, glass, etc.

☑️ Wheel brush Car wheel cleaning brush is made of high-quality superfine fiber, it's easy to use with strong cleaning ability and is durable.Soft fiber won't leave scratches on your wheels. Long handle car tire brush is suitable for all kinds of vehicle wheel tire, also clean the ground, car floor, pedal, household ceramic tile seam, etc

☑️ Wax applicator pad Soft microfiber with hand pocket control for the application and removal of waxes and protectants - Comes with pocket for easier hold - Use for applying and removing wax - Washable and reusable