Foam Gun (1Litre), Expandable Hose (50ft)

Jul 12, 2022




OVER 300 units sold

Foam Blaster Gun & Expandable Hose(50ft)

Able to connect with MSCP (Multi-Storey Carparks) Car Wash System


Foam Gun: $24.80

Expandable Hose 50ft: $10


How different is our foam gun compared to the other cheap foam guns on the market?

- Ours generate thicker foam compared to other small cheap foam bottles

- Ours is 1-liter capacity while the others are 300-500ml

- You can adjust the foam thickness using the ratio adjuster but other foam guns just spray with a constant amount of foam which is not adequate.

*Foam Blaster Gun*

- Don’t want to spend on an expensive pressure washer machine? Get this foam gun that generates thick foam without the pressure washer!

- Foam Blaster Gun connects to any standard garden hose easily. Connect the car foam gun to the garden hose by thread or quick connector

Our Foam Gun comes in 2 colors: Green & Blue

Package Contents:

1 * Car wash water gun

1 * quick connector

1 * faucet adapter

1 * Water hose adapter


*Expandable Hose*

- Expandable hose comes with extra 2 adapters

- Automatically expands X3 the length when water is turned on

- Fully retracts to the original length when water is off which saves up to 50% of your space

Comes in 2 colors with adapters: Green & Blue

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