Sell your scrap car with Brze: Your trusted car selling services in Singapore

Explore the many avenues to scrap your damaged car in Singapore with Brze. What are you doing with your old car lying in your compound? What are you thinking of doing with that age-old, damaged car that is not worth repairing? Then it’s high time that you start thinking about selling your car.

Say hello to Brze and get cash for your damaged car!

Keeping your old or damaged car only means that they will incur repair and maintenance costs. Instead of stretching your budget, you can sell damaged cars and earn some money. With the money, you can add some more and get yourself another car after selling your car.

Why sell your damaged car in Singapore?

Singaporeans who want to get rid of their old cards may choose to sell the car to Brze. To facilitate the selling process, the owner must apply for the de-registration process and analyze the value of the car. Irrespective of how old or damaged your car is, you can always reach out to the professionals at Brze for selling damaged cars.

There are some awesome benefits of selling your car. Some are listed below:

  • You can get cash instantly

The old car biting the dust on your parking lot can morph into cold hard cash when you decide about selling your car. One of the most evident perks of selling damaged carsis that you can get the cash right away. You don’t have to follow paper trails or go through elaborate procedures. The experts at Brze ensure that you can get rid of your damaged clunker and get cash in return.

  • Save on the repair and maintenance cost

There is no denying that old or damaged cars cost more for maintenance. The longer your car sits around, the more they guzzle up oil. This means that you won’t just be paying extra for the repair or maintenance cost; you will also be using much more gas than what is necessary.

However, selling damaged cars is much more cost-effective and so selling your car is the wisest thing to do. Sell your old car now at Brze and bid adieu to the headache of your old, damaged car.

Why trust Brze?

If you want to sell damaged cars, several reasons make Brze the best option for selling your car. Some of these are listed as follows:

  • With more than two decades of experience, our team of professionals can be your one-stop solution for selling your car.
  • We take pride in our cross-border presence across Singapore and Malaysia.
  • When you prefer us to sell damaged carswe act with integrity and transparency during the claim process.
  • All our procedures are streamlined, and we facilitate a single point of contact for effective communication.
  • With us, you can get fair prices selling your car.

The list of perks is never-ending. Do you want to sell damaged cars? Then get in touch with us ASAP.


Should everyone sell their car after 7 years?

We suppose, they should. When the costs add up to more than the car’s value, it is wise to sell car in Singapore. For a good resale value, sell your car before it slides down further.

Do you provide home inspection?

Yes. If you want to sell your car in Singapore, we do offer car inspection.

Is it compulsory to book an appointment?

Yes, it is because that way we will have more time in our hands.

Do you look at the insurance as well?

Yes, we do when you sell your car in Singapore.

Do you charge for car inspection?

No, we don’t!