Selling your used car to foreign dealers is always a good option to get the best price for your vehicle. For exporting your car, you need to choose a service that will support you through all the legal and financial processes involved in the same. Luckily, in Singapore, you have some of the best car export services you can entirely rely on to take care of the dealing.

How to know if I am choosing the right car export service?

Before you select a service to export your car you should ensure that they are the leading professionals in the field. Your car is a personal asset, and you should only allow experts to handle the export deals. You should only invest in a service that provides you with these benefits in addition to exporting your car:

  • Legal support – While handling the export affairs, the service must provide transparent legal assistance. They must have a team that deals with all legal obligations so that the export proceedings are all up to date with state regulations.


  • Best prices – You must ensure that the car export is taken care of at the most reasonable prices. With market prices frequently fluctuating, you should look for a service that charges only the standard rates to export your car. 


  • Speedy delivery – Since you are dealing with foreign markets, it is best to ensure that your chosen service is punctual and dispenses with all the export dealings right on time. A good way to go about this is to ask in advance if you will be provided with a strict timeline for the entire process at the time of the deal.


  • Good customer care service – The service should have a support team you can reach out to at any time in case of emergencies related to the export. They should preferably have a helpline number along with a chat support option.


BRZE is one of the most reputed car exporting services in Singapore. You should get in touch with their team through the website for the best deals and quality advice on all your car export queries.