Brze: The most reliable car exporting service in Singapore

Export your car seamlessly in Singapore with aid from the professionals at Brze. Once your car’s COE (Certificate of Entitlement) expires, or your car becomes scrap, you cannot drive it. If you don’t want to incur the extra towing costs to the scrap yard, it is better to export your car. Professional car exporters at Brze can aid you in selling your car to dealers in other countries. Undoubtedly the export requirements might change intermittently, but your car’s popularity and demand remains ever-crucial. Different car models have different levels of appeal in different countries. So, instead of sending your beloved car to a junkyard, it is always better to get offers from multiple exporters at a fair price.

What makes Brze the best option for car export?

Exporting your car is a big decision, and we assure you that you can trust us with it. At Brze, reliability and quality are our lifeline. Our enthusiastic and trustworthy team ensures that you get support at every step of the exporting process. Our main motive is encouraging a seamless export process regardless of the car type, location or budget of our clients. Some of our highlighting features that distinguish us from the rest in the market include:

  • Specified export processing Zone storage

Legalities are our strong suit because transparency is on the top of our priority list. When it is about exporting your car, you can rely on us because we store all the vehicles in local government allocated export processing zones. All the procedures are duly followed and no shipment goes out without adhering to the customs regulations.

  • Timely services

Well, time is precious, and when you hire us we ensure that we don’t waste a second of our time. All our export facilities are carried out within the specified time limits and we provide export services in the destined timeline that we are allocated by our clients. Delays are very rare, but in case of any delays, we inform our clients as soon as possible.

  • Reasonable prices

Another reason for which most of our clients are from recommendations is our cost-effective prices. We keep our prices reasonable depending on the market costs. You don’t have to pay a penny extra and even get great deals for certain orders.

  • A prompt customer care team

You can reach out to our professional team of experts during any time of the day, and they will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Brze for exporting your car

When it comes to exporting your car, Brze is Singapore’s leading car exporter. We are serving clients for decades, which make us the best-in-class option in car export. Our professional, highly motivated team is always there when you need them. Whether you are working within a restricted time frame for exporting your car or whether you have all the time in the world, we ensure avant-garde services at the most reasonable prices.

Get in touch with us now for exporting your car and unlock great deals on our exporting services.