The insurance claim settlement process is a lengthy one. Your negligence on certain fronts can make it painfully lengthier. If you are wondering, how long does an insurance claim take? you need to self-introspect and ensure that your actions don’t add to the delay. Without extending the suspense any further, we decode the process of claiming insurance for you here. 

Got into an Accident – Few Firsts to do Without Fail

The question of insurance claim arises when you need to repair car for the damages. Many times, people fail to conform to the procedure, which costs them dearly later. How can Malaysia car claim against Singapore? – It is also one of the questions that you should be clear about. Foreign vehicles involved in accident can also be repaired with the insured money in Singapore. Here are a few important things to do within 24 hours of meeting an accident:

  1. Report the accident to the police at accident reporting centre: When the accident is not your fault and you need proof for the same, go to Police and report the accident. Mentioning all facts of the accident and providing the documents and the latest pictures taken help in understanding the case better. If you are driving a foreign vehicle in Singapore, do not leave the country till at least 24 hours from the accident have passed. Your need to stay further or future course of action depends upon the kind of damage caused.
  2. Get the damages evaluated: When trying to know, How can Malaysia car claim against Singapore, you need to have all damages examined and rated from an approved evaluator. It helps you get an idea of the refund amount you are entitled to.
  3. Approach your insurance company: Visit the insurance company and submit all documents and supporting evidences needed for settling the claim. Have a clear discussion on how long does an insurance claim take? and they will help you with all procedures and requirements needed for speedy settlement.

A Few must-haves for a Quicker Insurance Claim Settlement

An insurance claim can be quickly settled in Singapore if you have been cautious and proactive on various fronts. A few important ones are mentioned below.

  • Have adequate insurance on the car

Your pains to get insurance claim will make sense to you when the car is adequately insured and the settlement is large enough to cover the damages. 

  • You must have paid insurance premiums in full and on time. 

Being regular on premium payment helps you have good amount as settlement.

  • All identity proofs and car’s documents must be up-to-date. 

The insurance claim settlement may become lengthier when you have not updated documents in hand. Ensure that your identity proofs and the car’s documents have not crossed the validity date.

Accidents are anyway stressful and annoying. You can still ease the pain by having insurance claim settlement done on time. Reach to the experts in the matter and get all documents prepared from them to avoid mistakes. It is the best way to quicken the settlement process.