Singapore has witnessed a considerable rise in road accidents over the years due to rash driving and traffic law infringement, which has left the citizens with horrifying experiences. Though not all accidents are severe and claim human life, it is always a good decision to have insurance so that you can get a Car accident claim in case of such a terrifying event. The top accident management companies like BRZE offers a vast range of services online, from car insurance, personal injury claims, accident reconstruction and investigation services to towing and workshop services and many more under one roof. Following are the steps you need to take immediately after the accident:

  • First, find a safe spot and move there. You must gather specific information from the other party like the name, address, contact details, vehicle and license number and NRIC or FIN number.
  • Remember to take good quality photographs of the accident-affected car to help ease the processing of your Car accident claim
  • Dial the helpline number of top insurance companies and book a tow truck if you can not move your accident-crashed vehicle.
  • You must report about the accident to the accident reporting centre even if you suffered only minor damages.

Why do you need an accident assessment?

The industry-leading and trustworthy one-stop accident management companies like BRZE; boast of having expert professionals who conduct accident assessments. Generally, an accident assessment includes three steps: Accident Reconstruction, Accident Investigation and Injury Claim. While making a claim, you might face several questions regarding factors like speed, distance, collision, obstruction of sight, and many more. These factors will determine whether or not you will get the claim. Without a doubt, engage the best professionals attached to the top-ranking accident reporting centre and enjoy the best results.


What information will I need for accident assessment?

You would require police reports and sketch plans, photographs of the accident-affected car, witness depositions and a doctor's report for accident evaluation.

If I opt for a private settlement, do I still need to inform the insurer? 

Yes, reporting is a must. You must report the insurer even if you choose a private agreement.

How to get accident assessment services?

Call the hotline number of your insurance company and ask for accident assessment services. They will tackle the rest.


BRZE is an all-rounder when it comes to accident assistance services. Visit their official website to know in detail about their services.

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