In Malaysia and Singapore, thousands of car accidents happen each year. These types of accidents are catastrophic and often result in severe injuries and even lifelong disabilities. Therefore, if you have sustained any injury, you may be eligible to file a settlement claim. Unfortunately, there is no fixed amount for Malaysia and Singapore car accident claims. Accident claim depends on the degree of damages suffered in each case. 

How much can you expect from your accident? 

The truth is, you cannot expect an average car accident settlement as there is no precise and established number. The settlement amount is decided after considering several factors which will be discussed later. Given that the factors differ from case to case, it is best to hire one of the renowned accident claim solicitors to determine the worth of your settlement. 


Incidental culpability is when it is identified whether the person who caused the accident was driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol. If that is the case, it will result in greater culpability than any other event caused by nature such as icy or wet roads. 

Medical bills and expenses

Car accidents often result in serious injuries that can even be fatal at times. As an accident victim, you will need hospitalization, or you may need surgeries and also rehabilitation if and when required. As a result, there will be huge medical expenses that will play a vital role in deciding the average settlement amount in your case. 

Loss of income

As you try to rebuild your life after the accident, your physical injuries will cause you financial stress. While minor injuries heal within a short time, serious injuries may take months or even years in cases of long-term disability. Consequently, you will be physically restrained, causing you to take time off from work to recover. This may result in loss of income, but accident claim solicitors can help you reimburse the loss.

Damage to property

Another crucial factor in determining your average settlement amount is the severity of damage to your vehicle. If the accident has caused damage to your car beyond repair, it will increase the value of your settlement..


Is the claim procedure a complex one?

Car accident claims involve complex legal procedures. This is why it is vital to discuss your case with an experienced accident claim lawyer. 

Who is the best guide in a claim procedure?

An attorney will be your best guide in determining the average settlement amount in your case, depending on the severity of your injuries and losses. 

How can filing a claim help retrieve loss of income?

Time away from work can impact your capacity to earn, not only present income but also future wages. But a claim can help you retrieve the lost wages.